• Taxi Service

Taxi Service

km group is a professional and high-quality taxi service provider. We have over 3228 vehicles and we offer transport service around 23wards of Tokyo, Musashino, Mitaka and Yokohama cities.

Special Services of “km Taxi”

Fixed fare to Haneda and Narita Internationl Airport.

The "Haneda Airport Fixed-fare Taxi" service is recommended for overseas travelers who are looking to travel from Haneda Airport to specific areas. This service offers a fixed fare for transportation within areas excluding the six designated areas of Ota Ward, Meguro Ward, Shinagawa Ward, Minato Ward, Chuo Ward, and Koto Ward. Please confirm the eligible areas before proceeding. Using the Haneda Airport Fixed-fare Taxi would be convenient in such cases.

When utilizing this service, it‘s necessary to make a reservation at least one hour prior to the scheduled departure time. Reservations can be made through various channels, including the S.RIDE app. WEB Reservation

This service allows for cost-effective travel, unaffected by factors like traffic congestion, and provides a fixed fare for the journey between the departure point and the destination, regardless of the distance. Additionally, there will be a separate charge for the use of highway tolls.

(There is also a fixed fare to Tokyo Disney Resort)
※ Toll fee and parking fee will be charged separately
※ From 10pm to 5am the price will change to late night fare
※ Please make a reservation in advance
For more information, Please check

Van Type Taxi

The Van Type Taxi can seat for 5 people and it can be put in pieces of luggage. The cost is the same as a regular taxi. We only have several vans, please inquire us when you make a reservation.
These taxis, regardless of the model of the car, are passenger's vehicles and designed to carry passengers.
We may refuse the service to the customer at any time if he or she is using the vehicle for relocation or moving purposes.

Chartered Taxi

The chartered taxi service is most suitable for business and sight seeing in Tokyo. You could use the same taxi and leave the luggage in the car.

Pick one of our standard tours or remodel/customize your own course!

17,080yen for 3 hours, and the extension surcharge is 2,770 yen per 30 minutes. But highway tolls and parking fees will be charged separately.

Responding to visitors’ needs, the km TAXI by Kokusai Motorcars has created original sightseeing and shopping courses for foreigners.
Please check here for more information about sight seeing taxi.

Service Area

The departure or destination of 23wards in Tokyo, Musashino, Mitaka and Yokohama cities are applicable.

Regular Fare

Metered Fare 500yen upon entry up to 1.096km
100yen for per 255m, when the taxicab is traveling more than 1km
100yen for per 90 seconds, when not in motion or traveling at less than 10km/h
Pick-up Fee 500yen per ride
Reservation Fee 500yen per ride
Night surcharge 20% of the total fare after 10:00 PM & before 5:00 AM
Long Distance Discount 10% discount of the difference of 9,000yen from the tatal fare,when the total fare is more than 9,000yen

The payment

We accept cash(Japanese yen), the following credit cards, and electronic money.